Taiwan’s Stray Animals Need Your Help!

The Sanctuary has actively sought to provide homes and treatment for stray animals in northern Taiwan. It now faces an immense challenge: moving. And you can help
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An important message from our friends at The Sanctuary:



Dear Friends of The Sanctuary,


The last 18 months have been the most difficult in my 15 years of rescuing animals in Taiwan, as we have struggled to find a new home for our 300 rescued animals. Amid threats and insults for overstaying our Sanzhi lease, we rushed into renting the Fuji property, only to have neighbor complaints force us to tear down the pig garden and dog kennels that we had only just finished building and not yet paid for.


Angry neighbors made our life hell while we did all we could to keep the dogs safe, healthy, and happy in the remains of their kennels while embarking once more on the very difficult and time-consuming task of finding a new property for the animals. During this time, we fought hard to bring in enough money to keep The Sanctuary going and got little sleep fending off threats of legal action and even gangster hits while searching continuously for a new property with no neighbors.


But we didn’t give up. Because of your support, we were able to keep on going through these darkest of times, your generous donations not only ensuring our animals can still be well cared for and the rescues continue, but inspiring us to stay in the fight. Our staff have done their best to actually improve conditions at the two locations during this time, and rehoming hasn’t just continued but actually dramatically increased.


And our teamwork has finally paid off: we have found a 3,000-ping property that is the perfect place to rebuild The Sanctuary, with stunning views, a beautiful landscape, a supportive landlord, and no neighbors! Not only that, it’s very affordable, at about one third the inflated rent we were forced to pay on the previous property. It will be the sanctuary of our dreams and a very happy home for about 95 of our dogs — including all those currently residing at our Fuji Sanctuary, which will be destroyed at the end of this month.

我們的員工已盡最大努力來改善二邊的狀況。大家齊心協力,最終有了成果: 我們已經找到了3000坪的土地,一塊完美的田地可以重建庇護所: 優美的環境,支持我們的房東,更重要的是: 沒有鄰居,沒有鄰居,沒有鄰居!!不止如此,房租還很合理,大約是我們之前房租的1/3 (被哄擡過卻不得已的租金).

We have just enough time to build the new kennels if we start in the next few days. We are using a large building company this time, to ensure everything is built in time to save the dogs from the Fuji Sanctuary before their homes are torn down. The builder has kindly agreed to build first and wait a while for payment.

So all we need right now is the NT$300,000 (£6,500/US$9,800) to cover the deposit (NT$100,000) and first year’s rent (NT$200,000). We must have this by the end of this week. Time is very much of the essence!

這會是我們理想中的庇護所,會成為所有浪浪的快樂之家。大約有95隻浪浪,包括目前在富基的那些。由於富基的在月底就要被拆了,這些狗狗將會無處可去。但如果我們在未來幾天開工的話,我們就有時間在月底之前把新的狗舍建好,富基的狗狗就有救了! 我們這次找了大型的建造公司,確保一切能如期完工。建造公司很好心的答應先開工後收款,所以我們現在需要NT$300,000(£6,500/US$9,800) 來支付我們的NT$100,000訂金和第一年的租金NT$200,000.

Please, I know we ask a lot of our supporters, and I’m here to ask for you to dig deep again. Any contribution, big or small, really saves lives. Any funds received beyond the target amount will be put towards running costs, as our monthly expenses have doubled in recent months because of now having five properties to run.



We can only receive contributions in cash or via our bank account at this time. For cash contributions, please send me a PM, or e-mail me at sean@thesanctuarytaiwan.org, or call me on 0920 620 109 to arrange pick-up. For bank transfers:


或e-mail: sean@thesanctuarytaiwan.org,
或打我電話 0928 552 326 我能親取
莊育蘅 Yu-Heng Chuang (Vivian Chuang)
Bank code: 822 (中國信託商業銀行 CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.) 東湖分行
Acct. No: 587540139721
Swift code: CTCBTWTP

Send me a PM or e-mail with the last five digits of your bank account if you would like confirmation of your contribution.


We greatly appreciate your support — and so do our animals. Thank you!



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