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Special Report

How KMT Rules Preclude Reform

Ever since 2000, the KMT chair has been in the hands of men with questionable political judgment, and the party has followed their lead into an electoral abyss

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Book Reviews

Taiwan’s Looming Pension Crisis: A Review of Hao Chung-jen’s ‘Taiwan Inc Bankruptcy’

A new book calls on the Taiwanese government to undertake pension reform as warning signs indicate that Taiwan could face problems similar to those experienced by Greece

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Editorials, Politics

VOTE 2016: Why Some Young Taiwanese Might Not Be Able to Vote

Detaching elections from the hukou system and adopting absentee voting would make a lot of sense, but doing so is more complex than you think

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VOTE 2016: Tsai Ing-wen’s Five Major Reforms

The DPP presidential candidate describes the five pillars of her future administration

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